Monday, December 30, 2013

Turmeric Milk

Hi There, Enjoying the winter with a sip of coffee and your favorite snack?

hmmm.... Winter is my favorite season with all Markazhi kolams, poojas at temple, cold breeze, early morning mist and so on... The other part of this season which none of us like is "Catching Cold". Though we are very careful, catching cold is unavoidable in this season.  But At our home i dont remember we running to the doctor for a prescription or to the pharmacy for cold syrup. My parents used to prepare "kashaayam" and that is the only medicine that goes in... In childhood I used to run and hide if my parents ask me to take kashaayam. But after I read about the tradition of tamil Siddha vaithiyam and its power of healing, I convinced myself to drink kashaayam.

I would say, my Father was an expert in making Kashaayam. Always he used to stock the basic ingredients to make kashaayam at home. "Sukku(Dry ginger)"," Milagu (Pepper)","Thippili (long pepper), "Panankalkandu (Palm sugar)" are the basic ingredients.  And kandanthippili,Coriander seeds, and Tulsi are also added sometimes. Will post Kashaayam recipe we are going to see about "Turmeric Milk".

My Mom's simple medicine for cold is "Turmeric Milk". She always used to prepare turmeric milk for my daughter, whenever she catches cold. Initially my daughter was also crying to drink this. So now I had to make some changes to the Turmeric milk preparation and it really helped. Now my daughter herself asking for it now and then.

Here the recipe is:

Milk - 1cup(about 150 ml)

To powder:
Coriander seeds - 3 tea spoons
Pepper -1/2 spoon
Elachi- 3 or 4 (optional)

To Mix, while  milk is boiling:

Turmeric powder - 3/4 spoon
Dry ginger powder - 1/2 spoon
Or a small piece of dry ginger.
Palm Sugar/Sugar - 2 tea spoons or as per your taste

1.First powder the items coarsely in mixi. If you are using a piece of dry ginger make it powder along with this mix.
2. Boil the milk in Simmer
3.When the milk forms a layer on top of it, add Turmeric, Dry ginger powder and the powdered mix, and stir well.
4.Let the milk boil well with the mix, then add the required amount of sugar or palm sugar.
5.Filter and serve hot. (as you take your hot beverages).

1.Take this before you go to bed. Don't drink water immediately after taking this.
2.Adding elachi is optional, But it gives a better taste when added.
3.Always boil milk in simmer for this drink.
4.After adding the mix, keep stir whenever the layer forms. It will help the milk to boil well, so the raw smell of turmeric and mix will leave.
5.Its is better to prepare the Mix in more quantity and store, So you can use it whenever it is required.

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