Sunday, November 30, 2014

First Blog Anniversary and Giveaway

Hello Folks,

Its Party time for our blog "Easy and Simple Foods". Yes, we are celebrating the first blog anniversary on December 31st. So Planning to have the first event in my space. Of course with giveaways.

First of all I would like to thank everyone who is supporting and encouraging me.  A special thanks to my Blog visitors, followers,friends and co- bloggers, It really means a lot for me. As a beginner in blogging as well as cooking, It is so great feeling when someone appreciate our efforts. Blog world is one of my favorite hangout place, where I learn and share a lot. Its been one year journey and I did a satisfying job for myself along with everyday busy schedule and other barriers.I Would try to do my best in the coming years too.

This is my first event as well as Blog anniversary,So I would invite everyone to participate and support. Whether you have a blog or not, there is an equal chance to win the giveaway. I would really be glad to have everyone's participation. Like all the other events, even mine has few rules and guidelines. Please check them below.


1. Should be my follower in my blog, Facebook, and Google+.
2. Post about this event in your Facebook page and Google+ page as public post. Tagging your friends is not mandatory but appreciated.
3.All the posts must be linked back to this event page. Usage of Logo is mandatory in all the posts linked. It helps spreading a word about the event
4. Only 2 archived recipes can be posted. No limits for new entries.
5. Event goes between December 1st 2014 to December 31st 2014. You can Link the recipes only until 30th December.
6. 31st December is Voting day for the recipes. You can do only one vote from a unique IP, so if you want to have more chances of winning the votes, you can invite your friends to vote for you. Minimum Votes to be eligible for a recipe is 25.There is a Giveaway for the recipe which receives more votes. If  two or more recipes have the same no of votes, winners will be chosen randomly among them. If no recipe gets minimum votes, this criteria will be cancelled.
7.Event Round up and Winners will be announced on Jan18th 2015.
8. Leave a comment in this post with the details of, from which username / id you are following me. This helps to verify your entries.

Following all the rules are mandatory for both bloggers and non-bloggers. The entries which didn't follow the rules will be disqualified for the giveaway.

For Non-Bloggers,

If you like to participate in the event and do not have a blog? No problems, You can send me the recipe and the pictures with all the details, I will happily post it in my space as a guest post and link to my event. So you will get a fair chance to have a number for your recipe and a chance to win the Giveaway :).
You can email your recipes to" "

Ok, Now the giveaway part, I have few categories to encourage our participants.
One winner will be selected from each category.

1. "Reader's Choice" (Votes by Readers)
As said above, the readers are the judges here. The recipe which gets more votes will win this category.

2. A random number winner
A random number will be selected from the whole entries,  (The person who wins the Voter's choice will not be eligible for this category,)

So, picking the winner goes by this order: 1. Readers choice 2. Random pick

Ok..What are the giveaway gifts?

When I was discussing with my friends about this, most of them suggested gift cards. We will never know, what people like or what they have or dont have. As this is my first grand event, I wanted to make it simple and easy at the same time the giveaways must make the participants happy. If it is gift card you can get anything you plan.  As this is holiday season, I hope you will also like this Idea.

For the  winners who live in USA or other foreign countries - $20 amazon e-gift card or macy's e- gift card of your choice..
For the winners who lives in  India, Rs.1000 worth ICICI Prepaid gift card or Visa/Mastercard gift cards(Gift cards or e-gift cards) of your choice.

You want to be the one among the winners?
What are you waiting for? Start Linking your yummy recipes. :)

1.Gift card provides are subject to change due to availability.
2. EST timings are followed.

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