Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pink Coconut Ladoo

First time we tasted this at a temple here. From that time my daughter was keep asking for it, and I was not really having any clue, how the sweet is made. I was thinking whether the color is because of the food color added or any syrup, and what would be the ingredients etc etc....

When I was searching for the recipe, i came across Nalini Akka's Pink coconut Laddu Recipe and it was the one I was looking for. It is damn easy to make. I never prepared such a quick and easy sweet before.
Thanks to that unknown devotee of Lakshmi temple for introducing these ladoos to us and thanks to Nalini akka for the recipe...

Here is the recipe:

Dry coconut powder - 1.5 cups + 1/4 cup for dusting/rolling.
Condensed milk(sweetened) - half a cup
Ghee - 2 tea spoon
Rose syrup (Rooh afza)- 2 table spoon


1.In a pan heat 2 tea spoons of ghee and add all the given ingredients and mix well  in low flame for 2-3 minutes.

2. let it cool down to room temperature, apply ghee on both palms, and make small balls and roll it on the dry coconut powder.
3. Refrigerate for 30 minutes, and store in airtight container.

These are perfect for parties and potlucks. An quick and easy dessert. I just tried some mini bites for kids.I felt, it is easy for them to hold and eat quickly.


One tin(14oz or 397g) of condensed milk was sufficient to make 4.5 cups of coconut powder.



  1. super pink ladoooo
    nice pics toooo

  2. Delicious ladoo the color dear :)

  3. Wow colorful and yummy pink ladoos like it alot

  4. Excellent,this looks so rich n colorful

  5. Drooling here. Nice colour. Lovely, delicious ladoos.

  6. What a colourful ladoos. So inviting. Yummy dessert.

  7. Looks cute and yummy Ladoo ...

  8. Ohhhhh!!! Looking at this post early in the morning is making me Topsy-turvy. Yet it brightened my day immediately. The color is so good and the taste must have been heavenly.

    1. Thank you akka :) glad to know you liked the post.. :) And Yes akka.. It really tasted heavenly.. My family loved it. :)

  9. delicious ladoo, love the cute pink colour...