Friday, June 20, 2014

Stuffed balls- Left over recipe

These stuffed balls are made with bread and leftover Rava upma. Few days back had some leftover upma, as my husband doesn't like upma, I knew I cannot ask him to have it again. Still I dint not want to waste it and prepare anything else. When I was checking my pantry, what I can make with these left over, I found half a pack of sour bread which we did not like actually...  So thought of trying something new for my family with both...

And the results were good. The sour breads gave some nice taste along with the upma. Finally I had finished both the bread and upma without wasting any of those... :)))


Bread slices - 4-5 (I used sour bread)
Upma - 1 cup
Oil - to deep fry
Water - 2 cups in a wide bowl


1. Heat oil in Kadai
2. Make the upmas as small balls (about a big gooseberry size)
3. Remove the hard part of bread and slice them into two halves.
4. dip the bread slices quickly in water and squeeze it in between the palms and remove the water. the ball in the middle of the bread and cover it.roll like a ball. Repeat steps for the remaining also.
6. fry them in oil until they turn golden brown.

Enjoy with tomato and chili sauce.

1. While squeezing the water, make sure not to tear the bread, at the same time try to squeeze the water as much as possible, Or else, it will take more oil.
2. Even you can use bread crumbs to coat it.
3.You can make it as oval shape also
4. Any Bread varieties can be used.

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