Thursday, August 7, 2014

Rose Milk Popsicle

Kuchi ice and summer cannot be separated any time. Still remember the childhood days, we kids eagerly wait for the "ice vandi" in the afternoons. Though mom used to make ice creams at home, used to long for kuchi ice. Most of the summer days were accompanied with kuchi ice and ice cream treats.. ;) Those days, we used to have semiya ice, paal ice, grape, mango, orange flavors. We used to love the colors in our tongue after having the Popsicle.

Till last summer I didn't introduce Popsicle to my daughter, But this year, she was very particular about the Popsicles, and we got a pack of pops from stores. Like how i loved to see the colors in  tongue, she was also enjoying it. But whenever i see the colors in her tongue, i used to worry about the chemicals and colors that went in. So decided to make the Popsicles at home itself. Initially i made pops with watermelon juice. And  then tried with rose milk.  She loved its color and flavor.

By thinking the calories of milk, i have prepared some mini rose milk pops also for me. I had some rose milk left after filling the rose milk molds. So just filled them in ice cube tray.. Now the mini pops are the most wanted by the family. :)

Ingredients :

Milk - 4 cups
rose syrup - 2 tbsp
sugar - 3 tbsp ( adjust according to your taste)


1. In a vessel, Boil 4 cups of milk, until it becomes about 2 cups.
2. Once the boiled milk is cool down, add rose syrup and sugar.
3. transfer them to the Popsicle mold and cover with lid.
4. Let it freeze for upto 12 hrs.

It will be ready to taste then. Show the pops mold in running water for 10-15 seconds before trying to remove from the mold. For mini pops, show the back side of ice tray in running water and remove it slowly.

Mini pops can be prepared easily, in case if you don't have Popsicle mold. All you need is just a few tooth picks and the ice cube tray. :)

Insert the tooth pick once it starts setting. Say about after 45 mins once the tray is filled and kept in freezer.

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