Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Seeval / சீவல் / வறுவல்

This year Diwali is having more ribbon pakoda varieties at our home.  This is quiet famous snack in my hometown. Sevu( சேவு) & Varuval (வறுவல்) are like twins. When we visit our native, these two savory items will be in our list to get for sure.
Though there are several methods to prepare this, i feel this method is easy and promising. So i am stick to this.


Rice - 2 cups
Friend gram - 1/2 cup
Red chilies - 2-3 (you can increase if you like it more spicy.)
Garlic - 2 gloves
Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
Ajwin / omam -1 tsp
Pottukadalai - 1/2 cup
Salt - as per taste
perungayam - a pinch
Hot Oil - 3-4 tbsp
Oil  to deep fry

1. In grinder, add Red chilies and gloves and grind for 3-4 mins. (If it seems to get not grinding also no worries, it will be ok when adding rice)
2. Then add soaked rice, cumin seeds and grind as fine paste, by adding required water. Add salt, perungayam a minute before switching off the grinder.
3. in the mean time, grind Fried gram(pottu kadalai) in mixi into a fine powder and sift and keep ready. (it makes approx 3/4 cup of flour)
4. transfer the batter to a mixing bowl and add, Ajwin, sesame seeds, ground fried gram flour and mix well.
5.Add hot oil and knead well like murukku dough. (No need to be too tight)
7. Use the Ribbon pakoda disc, fill and press in hot oil.
8. Deep fry until the seeval stops the "hiss" noise in hot oil  . Make sure it is cooked well.
Store in Airtight container and serve.


1. As the ribbon pakoda disc has the thin holes, it will get blocked if the cumin seeds are added,
So it is suggested to add the cumin seeds while grinding.
2.Using hand mortar, crush the ajwin seeds and add to avoid blocking the hole .
3. Do not miss to add the garlic, it gives the nice flavor
4. Try to grind the batter with less water. Add some extra powdered fried gram flour if the seeval absorbs more oil.
5. the dough need not to be too tight. It can be little flexible. So the seeval will be thin and light.
6. This one is crispy seeval, if you want a soft seeval, increase the fried gram flour ration to 1:1, or add gram flour.
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