Monday, March 3, 2014

Rava Idly

Rava Idly is one of the easiest dinner for me to make.When i am running short of idly or dosa batter, the dish immediately comes in mind is Rava Idly. I used to always stock MTR rava idly mix at home. When I came across this rava idly recipe from Raks Kitchen, I thought of giving a try, and it came out well. So stopped buying the instant one, and started making my own rava idlies. Any my family loves it, I too have the satisfaction of making my own preparation.

I just followed the measurement of the main ingredients from Raks Kitchen with little modification with the process for my comfort.


Rava / sooji - 1 cup
Curd - 1/2 cup
Eno Fruit salt- 1 tea spoon
water - as required to get the idly batter consistency
Salt - as per taste

To Temper:
Mustard seeds - 1 tea spoon
Urad dal - 2 tea spoons
Channa dal- 1/4 cup
Cashews- 2 tea spoons (broken/chopped)
Curry leaves - 1 sprig (finely chopped)
Oil - 3 tea spoons

1. In a pan, heat three tea spoons of oil and add mustard seeds, channa dal, and urad dal one by one. Saute well.
2.When the channa dal is almost roasted well, add chopped cashews, and curry leaves and saute well.
3.Then Add Rava and Roast for 10 -15 minutes in medium flame.

4. Then let it cool to room temperature, and add half cup of curd and required salt, mix well
5. Keep it aside for 3-5 minutes
6. Then add required water to get the idly batter consistency. (add water little by little)
7. grease the idly molds, and heat water in idly pot and keep ready.
8.Add a tea spoon of fruit salt and stir well. immediately pour the batter in molds and cook for 15 minutes.
9. Insert a toothpick or fork to check whether it is coming out clean.or cook for another 5 more minutes.
10. Serve with your favorite chutney or podi.

1. I have not added the chopped green chilies and ginger as I had to feed this to my daughter also. If your kids can eat spicy food, you can add a chopped chili and ginger while tempering.
2. Adding one or two table spoons of grated carrot and green peas will give a great look and it will become a healthy food also

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  1. Wow.. Yummy idlis.. They look so fluffy..

  2. this sounds really easy that i think i should try...

    1. Sure Rafee.. try this, you will never pick the instant on then :)

  3. looks yummy
    is it compulsory to use idly rawa??????i have 1 pkt left over sooji rawa..

    1. This is made from the sooji dear, which we use for upma. Idly Rawa is different.. :)

  4. Healthy and tasty idly ..looks so yummy dear :)

  5. very tasty idly. Will definitely make a light dinner.

  6. Idly looks lovely. soft and spongy. Would definitely make a lite and tasty dinner.

  7. Beautiful and the pics are so impressive. And of course, the taste must have been heavenly.

  8. wow very delicious and soft rava idli :) tempting me !! First time here and happy to follow you dod visit my blog too, wud be glad if you follow me back :)

    Desi Fiesta

    1. Thank you for stopping by and lovely comment Manjula.. I am in your followers list already :) Thanks for following my blog :)