Thursday, March 6, 2014

Simple Seppankilangu / Taro Root Fry

South Indian Lunch Menu will have all the type of side dishes like, poriyal, kootu, aviyal, masiyal, varuval etc...

Definitely the most favorite part of the lunch would be varuval for everyone, which is nothing but a deep fried side dish. Even in my Pongal Lunch this year, I have tried to cover few types of side dish and I made Seppankilangu varuval also. It can be made by several types. This is the simplest one I normally make at home.

Pongal 2014 Lunch Menu

Last week When I went to the Indian grocery shop, (where we get the veggies too) I bought some Taro Root also. Normally I finish all the fresh and green veggies first and at last use the root vegetables.

As usual, i have made it less spicy, you can adjust the chili powder quantity as per your taste.
Taro Root - 1 lb
chili powder - as per your taste
salt- as per your taste
oil - to deep fry

1. Pressure cook the Taro Root for 3 to 4 whistles. (do not over cook)
2. When the pressure is released, and the roots are cooled down,(or in bearable heat), remove the skin and slice them into circle or oval shape pieces.
3. Heat oil in Kadai, and deep fry them in medium flame until they turn golden brown and crispy. (do not burn)
4. Remove from oil and put it in tissue paper,
5. Before it gets cool down completely, transfer to a container with lid.
6.Add a small pinch of salt and chili powder and shake well.
7.Repeat the steps with the remaining slices.

perfect side dish for any lunch.

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