Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Palkova- Guest post#2 for Remya

Today it is a guest post for one of my sweet friend Remya Sean
To tell about Remya, she is a very simple and down to earth person. The one who suggests and share the tips.. When I was new to blogging (still new but in the very beginning days) she was one among the persons who guided / helped me to improve my blogging. Even now, If I need something she will be there to give a helping hand. Very glad to have her in my life.

About her blog and recipes, you can find traditional Kerala recipes as well as innovative new recipes in her blog. Right from simple chutneys, to refreshing drinks and desserts she got a good collection of recipes. You must visit her space and explore it.

When She asked me to do a guest post, I was so excited and asked her what she likes... She gave me a broad choice of any tamil nadu recipe... So decided to make a traditional Tamil Nadu special sweet recipe, and thought it will most suit for this sweet girl. And surprisingly this girl loves Palkova.. What a coincidence right? 

Palkova is my mom's one of the signature recipe. She used to make it so perfect...  Two important things other than the ingredients are required for making palkova.. First a heavy bottomed vessel and then Patience. :) As it takes little more time than an hour, we need to stand and stir. but to enjoy a rich and healthy(! I believe it is healthy as it is made from milk) sweet, wont we stand? 

Please visit Remya's blog for the detailed recipe and more clicks :)

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