Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pineapple Kesari

Kesari would be everyone's all time favorite. I have seen many people preparing this delicious sweet for almost all the occasions, like birthdays, wedding days and parties, and for guests.I too made this last week during my hubby's birthday. Just by adding a scoop of kesari to your breakfast or dinner plate that becomes special for sure...

My mom used to make kesari so good. You can't stop it with one bowl and definitely will ask for more. Wherever I eat kesari, I never got satisfied with it's taste or texture, and always used to ask my mom to make for me. But I never tried to make kesari by my own until last year. initially I used to call her every time I make kesari for the measurements. Now got used to it.

But now I became fan of another person's Kesari recipe recently. Yes it is my friend's recipe, and I am going to share her recipe today. Once when we visited her, she just prepared it in minutes and treated us, and sent with us a box of kesari to home. I really enjoyed every bite of it. I just noticed the way she prepared and tried at home. Though it is little different than the one which mom taught me, it was easy to follow and it was a great success all the times I made so far:)


Rava (Coarse): 1 cup
sugar - 1 and 1/2 cups
Boiling water - 2 cups
Pineapple - 1/2 cup (chopped)
Ghee- 2 table spoons
elachi powder - a pinch 9optional)
Yellow food color - a pinch
Cashews and dry grapes - a few


1. In a Pan heat a table spoon of ghee, and fry the cashews and dry grapes
2. Then add the chopped pineapples and saute until they are fried and tender.
3. Add Rava and roast until it roasts well in low flame. (say about 8-10 minutes)

4. In the mean time bring water to boil.
5. Just before adding water to rava, add a pinch of food color in water and mix well.
6. Then Add boiling water to rava and mix well without lumps.

7. It will get cooked and  become thick in minutes.
8.Then add sugar and mix well. At this stage, again the kesari becomes watery/ semi fluid.
9. Keep stir until you reach the required consistency.
10.Add the remaining a table spoon of ghee, elachi powder, mix and switch off the flame.

I served with Pongal, coconut chutney, Sambar and urad dal vadai
Just a small scoop of this kesari made the diiner special.

1. if yo want crispy cashews to bite,  you can even keep aside the fried cashews and dry grapes and add them in the final stage.
2. normally 1 and 1/2 cup of water would be sufficient, if you need the kesari consistency not to be dry  and blended nicely add 2 cups.
3.adding elachi powder is optional... I didn't add.

Sending this recipe to fruit and Veggie based sweet treats hosted by Chef Mireille and organized by Swati

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