Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ellu Sadham

Ellu Sadham / Sesame Rice is one of the easiest variety rice that suits for lunch box and small parties.

I have a special bond with sesame as most of my childhood days I have seen the entire process of planting , harvesting, etc. It was so funny ,those days when we cousins steal the sesame pods from the plants to see the small small seeds in a it (of course we eat those seeds later..).  In my grandfather's house they use the gingelly oil that was made from our own farms, and the "Ellu podi" which my aunties make with the fresh sesame... hmmm those were the best... you don;t need any additional oil to eat this with idly or dosai..

 I remember when my mom makes this ellu sadam, we dont ask for any other curry or side dish too.. This goes well with just a papad also.
For lunch box, I used to prefer this kind of variety rices than the lunch with sambar or other gravies.

Another thing is sesame has lots of good nutrient in it. it is Rich in with calcium, iron and other vitamins too. Unless you have cholesterol or any related health issues, you can always add sesame in your diet. It is not suggested for the women who are pregnant, similar to papaya and pineapples it is also not proved as unsafe.Still why to take a chance?

Lets get into the recipe now. You can use your choice of sesame (black/white/brown)


Cooked Rice - 2 cups
salt - as per taste

To roast and powder:

urad dal - 2 tea spoon
red chili - 3 medium
Sesame - 1/4 cup

To temper:

oil - 2 -3 teaspoons
peanuts - 2 tea spoon (optional)
mustard seeds - 1/2 tea spoon
urad dal - 1/2 tea spoon
cashew nut - 2 tea spoon (optional)
perungayam / hing - a pinch
curry leaves - 1 sprig

(If you have sesame oil it adds extra flavor to it. or use the oil which is available. I used Olive oil as i was not having sesame oil at home)


1. Prepare steamed rice and keep it aside (Fluffy rice)
2. dry roast urad dal+ red chillies, sesame seperatly and let it cool down
3.  Powder the roasted ingrdients. First grind urad dal and red chillies, when they are 75% done then add the sesame seeds and powder it coarsely.

4. In a pan, heat 2 tea spoons of oil and add the peanuts and roast for 2 to three minutes
5. Then add the items listed to temper one by one

6.If you tempered using a small tadka pad, transfer the tempered mix to another mixing bowl, add rice, salt, and powdered mix and mix gently by adding a spoon of oil.

Serve with Papad or your choice of curry.

So simple rite... I just kept rice in cooker and did this roasting, powdering, tempering and frying papad... in the mean time rice was ready, just had to wait until the hot steam settles... In 30 minutes a delicious rice was ready to serve:)

1. If you use sesame oil, that gives some extra flavor.
2. I prefer adding the rice and mix little by little and mix
3. I have used 3 chilies for mild hot rice, if you like spicy one, add two or three more chilies to it.
4.adding peanuts and cashew nuts are optional. but recommended.
5. you can add channa dal also along with peanuts, while tempering

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