Monday, February 24, 2014

Word Press Family Award

First I would like to thank Dhanya of skinny chef de cuisine for nominating me for the "Word Press Family" award. I am very glad to receive it. Thank you Dhanya for award.. :)

About the award, The ‘Word Press Family Award’ is a brand new one from Shaun ( who has personally found much love and support after entering the blogging world. Good one Shaun.

Its been almost two months since i have started blogging and I am very proud to say I have got some good friends who gives the feel and comfort as a family. Though we get many friends in our life journey the first few will always remain in our heart and we will be grateful to them. Similarly here in the blogging world, I have got number of friends and these girls are the first circle i have got here. We Chat, exchange ideas, help and encourage each other and appreciate our works. Here I take this opportunity to thank these guys and  I wish this support and friendship should continue forever.

Here is my blogging family,

Beulah of Full Scoops
Eliza Lincy of Lincy's cook Art
Preetha Sowmyan of A Bowl of Curry
Remya of Remmys Kitchen
Shereen Michael of Recipe Listed

Thank you for being with me Gals...