Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fruit Sandwich

Why always a veg sandwich? why not a fruit sandwich? I invented this some years back (for me it was new..)

Initially I did this only with the fruits and butter. And this time I added some chocolate syrup just to attract my daughter..

It will be an easy to make healthy breakfast / snack. 


Bread Slices - 4 

Your favorite varieties of fruits - any 2 to 3 varieties
Butter - 2 tea spoon (at room temperature) 
chocolate syrup - 1 tea spoon (optional)


1. Make thin slices of fruits, If using grape cut it to half, pomegranate seeds use as it is  
2.Apply butter on the bread slices
3. Place the fruit slices as  two or three layers.
4. spread some chocolate syrup(optional) and cover the this with other butter spread bread slice.
Ready to serve.

I prefer sweetened breads for this fruit sandwich. 
I have used the fruits that were available that day.
Any fruit can be used. So far as i have experimented these following fruits,And I strongly suggest, Apples, orange, guava, pine apple, grapes, pomegranates, chikku, pears,papaya, banana, and strawberry  Other fruits are yet to be tried.
Adding chocolate syrup was purely for my daughter. She is crazy about it. you can skip if you dont stock or don't like the taste.

Please try this recipe with the available / seasonal fruits. You will really enjoy this new version of sandwich.

Finger Sandwich :

Another Party recipe Idea here is, Finger Sandwich 
You can consider this for a birthday party or pot-luck (Idea was given by one of my beloved akka by seeing the pic :) )

1. Cut the edges of bread
2. Apply butter on the slices
3. cut the slice into 4 squares.
4. In a tooth pick arrange the bread slices and fruit of your choice as shown in the picture and serve.

Have a great weekend :)

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