Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snake Gourd Raitha

புடலைங்காய் தயிர் பச்சடி /Snake gourd Raitha:

One of the healthiest Raitha, that goes well with Chapati and Variety rices.
Very easy to make and filling dish for the people on diet control.

This recipe, my mom learned from her meditation class and introduced to our family also. From then it is one of the favorite raitha for us.

I have slightly modified this from the Original version. The below quantity serves 1-2

Raw snake gourd- 3/4 of a cup (finely chopped)
Beaten Curd - 1/2 cup
salt - a pinch
pepper powder - 1 pinch

To temper: (Optional)
Oil - 1 tea spoon
mustard seeds, urad dal -1/2 tea spoon each
peanuts- 1 tea spoon
curry leaves- a few


1. Wash and peel off the skin of snake gourd, and in a bowl take 3/4th of a cup finely chopped snake gourd.
2. beat the curd well and add it to the snack gourd
3. add required salt and mix well.
(do not add water, the veg itself will leave some water, still if that consistency is too thick, add a tea spoon of water to it)
4. If you like to temper, preheat oil in a tadka pan and add peanuts, mustard seeds, urad dal and curry leaves one by one.

5.Then add this mix to the raitha.
6.Before serving add a pinch of pepper and serve.

1.Tempering it is purely optional, But I suggest to temper it with peanuts, which will give you a crunchy bite.
2. In the original recipe, a tea spoon of grated coconut was added.If you like add it to raitha before tempering.

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  1. This is a new one for me! Never heard of it before! Good one!

    1. Initially I was hesitating to eat raw snakegourd.. Now became a big fan of it and I am making it often.. :)

  2. Sounds interesting dear... will give it a shot...

    1. Thank you akka.. :) Please do try and let me know your feedback :)

  3. never tried raita with snake gourd....interesting and yummy...

    1. thanks bhawana.. it will be a best alternate for onion raitha.. please do try :)

  4. recipe for me...never thought of using snake gourd in raitha..

  5. have nt tried raita frm snake gaurd .. will try sometime..

    1. Thank you smitha:) Please try and let me know your feedback :)