Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ulunthu /Urad daal Vadai

Ulundu Vadai:

Vadai is one of the inevitable dish in south india. For any festival or occasions, it is very difficult to make a menu without this. Ulunthu / Urad dal is generally good for bones. It will strengthen your bones when it is taken in your meal .

One day after my regular scrums and  the followed discussions with the team, i missed my tea brake with my friends. Though i do not drink coffee or tea, still i do not miss the breaks as they help me to recharge myself with a small chit chat or by seeing other faces instead of staring at the monitor.

I just came to my desk with all exhausted and thinking, should i go for the break alone?
The moment i sat on my chair, my friend  was asking... "Exhausted huh? how about a vadai this moment"?

I was little hungry too... we decided to have the vadai at desk itself. I should say, it was the wonderful vadai I ever had.... It was such spongy soft, and there was no trace of oil in my hands after having it.... Even my mother used to make nice vadai, but it wont be this much spongy... I just asked her did they add and baking soda in it?

She gave me the recipe how did they prepared. It needed some little planning in advance.  It was so simple and almost similar to our preparation, but except one simple step.
Curious to know what it is? Come join me to make oil free spongy ulunthu vadai....


Urad dal - 1 cup
Pepper - 1 tea spoon
Jeera - 2 tea spoons
salt  - to taste
curry leaves-  a few

Note: If you like to add Onion and green chili, and ginger you can add. As I was planning to prepare thayir vadai and Rasa vadai on the same day, I did not add these.


1. Soak Urad dal in sufficient amount of water for 2 to 3 hours.
2. Then Grind them in a grinder for about 30 mins by spraying water in it whenever required.
3. add required salt and mix well.
4. Keep aside or 6 to 8 hours or over night. (Do not refrigerate)(Yes, keeping it aside for hours was totally new to me)
5. Morning  just add pepper, jeera and curry leaves to it.
6. Heat sufficient amount of oil in kadai.
7. Take a small amount of mix, shape it to round with a hole in the middle and deep fry in heated oil until they turn golden brown.
8.drain in tissue papper
9. Repeat the steps for remaining vadai mix.

Note: I soaked urad daal at 7.30PM, started grinding it at 10PM and it was finished at 10.30PM.
next day Morning around 8AM I prepared the vadai.

sending this recipe to South Indian cooking hosted by Nandoos Kitchen and organized by Anu

and cook and share what you like event by chaithra of Athitdhyam

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  1. Perfectly made Healthy vadas. good one.

  2. soft, tasty uzhunnu vada. my fav..

    On-going event: south indian cooking

    1. thanks nandoo and i have linked this dish to your event :)

  3. Super delicious and my all time fav sis...

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    1. Thank U Swathi for the visit and comment. :) keep supporting...

  5. Looks delicious...crispy Vadai...ya keeping outside the batter is new to me, will try it soon as it is easy to make in rush hours...

    1. yes magees, it was very easy as no need to rush in the morning to grind the batter, as it is not refrigerated, no worries of thawing and more oil absorption too.. pls do try :)