Friday, January 24, 2014

Thayir vadai

Thayir vadai / dhai vada:

During my visits to Chennai in exam holidays, my uncle and father used to take us to Hotel Saravana Bhavan. Saravana Bhavan is their all time favorite. I have seen them ordering Thayir vadai many times. Though I am a very big fan of Curd, I dint dare to taste it. Because my taste bud was liking the vadai with chutney or sambar or as it is.... What if, in case  I dont like the taste? i may start hating the vadai and curd in rest of my life....

One day the magic happened, when we all cousins and parents were having lunch at saravana bhavan , i was totally attracted by the finely chopped coriander and kara boonthi which was decorating my father's thayir vada plate. I got tempted to taste the boonthi and while scooping it mistakenly a small piece of vada also came with it... it was tasting heavenly... from that time, i never miss a chance to have it.

Here is the simple thayir vada which I make at home. Please check this link for how to make uluntha vadai.


Uluntha vadai - 4
Beaten Curd -1 and 1/2 cup
 raitha boonthi /kara boonthi- 1 cup
coriander - 1 fistful (finely chopped)
salt -to taste
Note: You can temper curd it if you like.


1. Make uluntha vadai and drain it in tissue.
2. Beat the curd well adding salt to it.
3. soak the vadai in beaten curd for 30 mins to 1 hours.
4. transfer to a serving bowl with some curd on it.
5. garnish with coriander leaves and raitha boonthi and serve.

It will suit for potlucks, parties and evening snacks.

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